Garden Gate Closer GTS 180/170 Camelion incl. mountingset (silver)

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The garden gate closer GTS 180/170 is the perfect solution for reliably and gently closing garden gates of 60-150 cm in width. Not even the wind is capable of slamming a garden gate shut that is equipped with a garden gate closer. The closing speed is ~9-12 seconds. And it can be mounted on gates with rising hinges to reduce the closing sound. However, the most important thing is that children and pets are no longer able to run into the street unimpeded.

More Information
Height 32 mm
Lenght 647 mm
Material Anodized aluminum/steel
Color silver
Sales unit 1.00 unit
Productnumber gts-180170012
Zuordnung: Garden Gate Closer, Gate Closer

The garden gate closer GTS 180 is the perfect solution to keep your garden doors with 60-150 cm in width reliably closed. Thanks to the GTS 180, your door will close by itself from every possible opening angle - not with a sudden jerk, but slowly and gradually. The closing speed is ~9-12 seconds. And it can be mounted on gates with rising hinges to reduce the closing sound. This is made possible with an innovative mode of operation which, compared to spring operated gate closers, allows for gradual closing motion, thereby making it impossible for fingers to be caught in the door. 

With a maximum force of 180 Newtons from an opening angle of 90 °, the GTS 180 is maximally reliable in every situation, keeping the gate motion smooth and safe. Thus, even strong wind does not impact gate safety, making the GTS 180 an invaluable addition to any garden gate, but especially in gardens with children and pets. With the GTS 180, your gate will only be open if you want it to be.


The Garden Gate closer GTS 180 provides a constant closing speed of approximately 9-12 seconds at temperatures of 15 ° Celsius. Its lift is 170 mm, which means the garden gate closer can be used for all standard garden gates with conventional straps and eye screw fasteners or gates with rising hinges.


  • more safety for children and pets
  • no risk of injury
  • garden gate closes gently
  • does not rely on a spring force
  • closes from any opening angle
  • high-quality aluminum/steel
  • maintenance free


The garden gate closer GTS 180 is currently available in anodized aluminum, green (RAL 6005) and anthracite (RAL 7016) with a stroke of 170 mm.

Installation Types

The garden gate closer can be installed on any rectangular gatepost and and the garden gate extremely easily using two brackets and four screws. However, if the gate hinges were installed directly into the wall with concrete, the closer can also be installed directly onto the adjacent wall instead of on the gatepost. The bracket and tapping screws for standard installation are included. For round gateposts, an adapter is required.

Basic information

Length 647 mm
Height (closer) 32 mm
Stroke 170 mm
max. force (90°) 180 N
Closing speed ca. 9-12 sec at 15° C
Bracket 1 [whd] 55 mm x 40 mm x 60 mm
Bracket 2 [whd] 55 mm x 40 mm x 80/120 mm
Material Anodized aluminum/steel

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