The GTS 180/170 was tested by the German Institute Prüfengel.


Our bestseller, the garden gate closer, GTS 180/170 was recently tested by the German Prüfengel Institute. We are grateful and very proud to be able to tell you that we have received an outstanding grade of 1.5 for our product.


This rating reflects our commitment to providing quality products to our customers. In addition, it motivates us to continue the hard work to maintain this level of quality in order to meet the high demands of our customers.


“In addition to its simple and elegant design, the gate closer is particularly impressive because of it’s

high-quality workmanship." 

Prüfengel, the German Institute for Product Tests.



The course of the test


Two samples are sent to the German Institute for Product Tests in the same scope of delivery as for any customer. Once arrived, the appraisers start examining the condition of the delivery. In order for the product not to be damaged during delivery, it is of great importance that the quality of the packaging meets the high standards of modern transport security. This is important to guarantee a flawless handover of the product to the customer. In addition, the packaging material is assessed according to the highest sustainability criteria.


After this first test, the first impression of the unpacked product is evaluated. It is determined whether the item and its associated parts are included in the scope of delivery, as expected. Furthermore, all necessary information required for quick and easy use of the product should be enclosed. In addition, the product is examined for alleged product defects.


This is followed by the practical test phase. This is where it is determined whether the product fulfills the functions specified by the manufacturer and keeps its promises of advanced quality.


Finally, the product test evaluates the price-performance-ratio of the product.


How does the rating system work?


The rating system is point based. The maximum possible number of points per category is **100**. The final overall grade is calculated from the average of all criteria, considering their respective coefficients.


The institute came to the following conclusion


  • Thanks to the optimal packaging, the product could be received undamaged. In addition, unnecessary packaging material is dispensed and only recyclable material is used.


  • After unpacking, the box contains everything needed to assemble the gate closer. The scope of delivery includes all necessary screws, dowels, brackets, as well as easy-to-understand assembly instructions with QR codes, which lead to helpful videos. 

    The manufacturer's contact details can also be found in the leaflet. If necessary, the manufacturer can be contacted at any time via e-mail, telephone or WhatsApp.

  • The gate closer made a positive first impression. No production errors, scratches or other damages could be found. The high quality of the aluminum guarantees a long service life and is rust-free. Its resistance to various weather conditions and temperatures make the product very versatile.


The assembly


In practice, assembly can be complex. However, the instructions provided are very detailed and understandable.

Nevertheless, it is recommended to consult a second person to facilitate assembly. However, a second person is not indispensable. If there is enough time available, it is quite possible to assemble the garden gate closer on your own.


The function


After assembly, the product performs all its functions as expected. Thanks to its "Soft Close" technology, the gate closes gently and quiet without a slamming shut.

The product keeps its safety promises, which are very important for households with children and pets. Accidentally leaving the gate open and the risk of injury are banned by the automatic, gentle closing.


Price-performance ratio


The GTS 180/170 gate closer is situated in a higher price segment. However, the quality of the product and the full scale customer service justify the price and offer good value for money.




Following this comprehensive test, the Paul&Anton gate closer received an overall rating of 1.5 and was successfully awarded with the “Prüfengel” seal of quality.

The test was conducted in February 2023 under the license number 230123001.

You can read the full report in German on the Prüfengel Website : click hier