How do I make my home swimming pool safe?

The warm season is ideal for spending more time in the gardens. If you have a home pool or if you plan to install a pool, do no forget the security aspect. In this article we give you an overview of the different possibilities you have to secure your  pool. We will also give you our advice to enjoy quality time in your garden.


Why should I secure my pool?


Having a pool on your property is a huge responsability when it comes to safety. A few minutes of inattention can lead to tragedy. Drowning can happen in seconds.


Young children first victims of drowning in private swimming pool



Another thing to note is that the safety of your pool can also affect the legal liability of your property. As the homeowner, you’re liable for everyone’s safety.


What are the ways to make your home swimmimg pool safe?


Of course, there should always be an adult water watcher while children are in and around the pool.

Outside of swimming time, it is important to secure access to the pool to prevent small children from accidentally falling in. You and your family will be able to enjoy time in your garden with complete peace of mind.


Here are 4 ways to help make your swimming pool safe.


  • Poolbarrier

A barrier refers to a physical obstacle, which surrounds a pool to limit to unsupervised swimmers. 

An effective pool barrier should prevent children from getting under, through or over the pool fence and getting into the pool.


Pros: Cons: 

+ effectice security device

- if the gate stays accidentally openm the barrier will no longer ensures safety

+ fits all types of pool

- requires space around the pool

+ large selection of types and materials


+ any type of budget


  • Pool enclosure

A pool enclosure is a structure that surrounds the sides and top of a pool. It is a kind of protective bubble around the swimming pool.


Pros: Cons: 

+ maintains water temperature

- relatively expensive

+ keeps debris, insects or unwanted things out

- must be opened and closed manually

+ can prolong the swimming season

- only suitable for classic pools

+ protects the pool during the winter months

- you need space around the pool

  • Pool cover

The pool cover is a solution designed to prevent possible accidents. Thanks to floating slats that cover the entire water surface, visitors will be prevented from accidentally falling into the pool.


Pros: Cons: 

+ maintains water temperature

- not suitable for all pools

+ prevents dirt and debris

- must be opened and closed manually

+ can also be used as winter cover

- durability; some covers are not made to last


- you need space around the pool

  • Poolalarm

There are two types of alarm:

  1. Underwater alarms: they are designed to use a sonar grid to detect unusual activity in the water.


Pros: Cons: 

+ easy installation

- latency

+ price

- does not prevent from falling into the water

+ discreet

- regular maintenance

+ fits to all different shapes of pool

- risk of false alarm


2 . You also have perimeter alarms that alert if someone has entered the pool area. This alarm consists of several infrared terminals installed around the pool. If the child gets too close o the edge and crosses the security perimeter, the alarm triggers a loud alert to warn you.


Pros: Cons: 

+ prevents from falling inti the water

- expensive

+ no latency

- regular maintenance

+ discreet

- risk of false alarm

+ fits to all different shapes of pool


  • Pool immersion wristband

For this type of pool alarm, a child usually wears a wristband. When the wristband is submerged in water, the base unit will be alerted.


Pros: Cons: 

+ can easily be taken on vacation

- only protect the child wearing the wristband

+ easy to use

- does not prevent from falling into the water


- can be very expensive if you need several wristband






Accidents always happen when the pool is not supervised. It is therefore recommended to restrict access to the pool outside swimming time so that you can enjoy your garden in peace and without risk.


The solution, which for us remains the most effective, is the security barrier. We recommend reinforcing this security by installing a GTS gate closer at the access gate. With the garden gate closer, the access door to the pool closes reliably after each passage and guarantees maximum security. The self closind system ensures that the gate is no longer accidentally left open.