Although there aren’t many different principles applied in garden gate closers, the differences between individual gate closers are not to be underestimated. Generally, one of three modes of operation is used. In this article, we tell you about the different outdoor systems and describe their pros and cons.

Simple spring-operated closers

The simplest mode of operation for an outdoor gate closer is applied here. As the door is opened, the spring tenses. After releasing the door, the kinetic energy stored in the spring is released unrestrained, thereby closing the garden gate. This principle is uncomplicated but contains an inherent disadvantage: Depending on the tension of the spring (which depends on the opening angle of the gate), the gate closes either forcefully with a loud bang, or not enough energy is released, and the gate may stay open. Especially the second possibility could become a security risk when kids or pets take advantage of the open door to leave the premises unhindered. On the other hand, a forceful closing of the gate may cause injury through inattentiveness or sheer bad luck.

Pros Cons
+ price (10-40 €) - forceful banging of gate or
+ mounting is simple - gate not closing
  - potential risk (security or injury)


Dampened spring-operated closers

Dampened spring-operated closers operate using the same principle as the simple spring- operated closers but are equipped with an additional dampening mechanism. This mechanism (in most cases hydraulic) prevents uncontrolled closing. Closing speed can be seamlessly regulated, and the door is closed safely and reliably. This mechanism is far more complex than simple spring-operated closers, which is reflected in its price.

Pros Cons
+ no banging of gate - price (250 € and up)
+ safe closing of gate - need maintenance
  - sensitive to temperature


Pneumatic Gate Closers

In pneumatic gate closers, a so-called gas pressure spring is used. This also enables a seamless and slow closing of your gate at constant pressure. Closing speed can be fixed or adjustable, depending on your needs (and budget). The biggest advantages in these closers are reliability, security and they are maintenance-free.


Vorteile Nachteile
+ no banging of gate - sensitive to temperature
+ safe closing of gate  
+ no maintenance needed  



Simple spring-operated closers have their place, but they lack the security, safety and comfort of advanced models. If you use dampened spring-operated closers and adjustable pneumatic gate closers, nothing can go wrong. Your gate is guaranteed to close softly and securely, but they will dent your purse – most times, they will sell for 250€ upwards.

A very real alternative to those expensive models is the pneumatic gate closer using fixed speed. It’s the perfect compromise between functionality and price. So if you’re looking for a reliable, maintenance-free garden gate closer, take a closer look at the garden gate closer GTS 120/170!