Is the closing speed dampened with oil or gas?

Special gas pressure springs are used. But the cushioning works with Oil.


Is it possible to open the gate more than 90 degrees after assembling the gate closer?

Yes, the gate can be opened more than 90° with the appropriate installation. Our support team will be happy to serve you with helpful advice via email or WhatsApp.


Is the gate also prevented from being blown over by stronger winds? Or does the gate slam unchecked?

The force with which the gate slams is definitely reduced since the movement is slowed down by the damping. But that of course depends on how much force we are talking about.


Up to how many kilos of door weight does the closer endure?

The weight of the door is not that important for closing. As long as the door is well on its hinges and the lock moves easily, the garden gate closer will close the door with ease. 50 kg of weight for the GTS 120/170 and 100 kg for the GTS 180/170 are no problem at all.


Does the gate closer have a locking mechanism?

There is no built in locking mechanism. If the gate can be opened more than 90°, this function can be "installed" afterwards thanks to a favorable installation situation. Otherwise we recommend using conventional gate holder.


Is there a way to determine the retriever to leave the gate in an open position?

It`s possible within certain assembly situations. The closer must be mounted in a way in which the gate can be opened over 90/95°. Then the gate would stay open automatically. Normally we use gate holders which are connected to the frame of the gate.


Can the closer also be fixed in the middle of the gate or is it only at the top of the gate?

The closer can be attached to any position (top / middle / bottom), as long as there is a proper attachment point.


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